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(Competitors are responsible for making their own arrangements with accompanists for the festival)


Please note: Venues may not be very close together. It will be unlikely that accompanists can be scheduled in two different venues during the same session. Please keep this in mind – especially vocal accompanists. Also please be aware that starting with this year’s festival, the performance schedules printed in the Provincial program may only be changed with the permission of the adjudicators at the venues. If you are likely to be busy, please send me your schedule before the final registration date, Friday, May 10, so that an attempt can be made to make your schedule work.

2019 Accompanists to date:

Ewa Telega, Abbotsford, all instruments and voice, all levels, Cell Phone: 604.615.0038, Email: pianostudio@ewatelega.com Preferred method of contact: email or text.

Betty Suderman, Abbotsford,
all instruments and voice, all levels, particularly classical voice and strings. Phone: Home: 604.853.4280 or Cell: 604.614.9859. Email bettysuderman@shaw.ca

Nita Pelletier, Chilliwack,
all instruments and voice, all levels. Phone: 604.795.2767, Email: msnita@telus.net

Emily Eggert-Botkin, Chilliwack, Strings or voice, all levels. Phone: 604.791.9774, Email: Emily.Eggert-Botkin@outlook.com

Michael Onwood, Vancouver, all instruments and voice, all levels, specializing in voice. Phone: 604.603.9057, Email:michaelonwood@gmail.com       

If you would like your name on this list, please contact us.        

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