BC Provincials

Welcome to the 2022/23 festival year!

BC had a very successful 2022 Canada West Performing Arts Festival! Congratulations to all performers!

Chamber 17 years & under
1st place: Berlioz Trio - Elana Lin (Violin), Veronica Park (Violin II), Max Wang (Piano)
2nd place: 79.5 Violin Quartet - Eleanor Huang, Hualin Zhang, Jiaai Xiao, Jiarui Hu (violins)
Chamber 24 years & under
1st place: Rachmaninov Trio. Charles Dutton (Piano), Layla Park (Violin), Nicole Teachman (Cello)

Strings 12 years & under
1st place: Zephan Wu
Strings 17 years & under
2nd place: Justin Junwoo Ha
3rd place: Tegwen Sak

Guitar 17 years & under
1st place: Aaron Han
2nd place: Melody Zhu

Piano 12 years & under
1st place: Patrick Cao
Piano 17 years & under
1st place: Elsie Lu
2nd place: Austin Ng
Piano 24 years & under
2nd place: Hamilton Lau

Woodwinds 17 & under
1st place: Xiaowei (Smile) Chow
2nd place: Matty Angus
Woodwinds 24 & under 
1st place: Sylvan Wilkinson

Classical Voice 12 & under
1st place: Kai Yee Li
Classical Voice 17 & under
1st place: Anjulie Djearam
2nd place: Anastasia Lutsenko
Classical Voice 24 & under
2nd place: Alexandra Baird

Musical Theatre 12 & under
2nd place: Adela Drabek

Spoken Word & Drama 17 & under
2nd place: Steven Peng

Community Choir, 17 and under
3rd place: Prince George Tapestry Singers, Carolyn Duerksen, conductor

School Choir, Grade 12 and under
2nd place: St. Andrew's Singers, Phillip O'Reilly, conductor